We have always tried to combine the know-how of the Florentine goldsmith tradition with the experimentation of new processing techniques.

Florence is our source of inspiration. Since we were children we started visiting museums with our parents and all the numerous artistic sites that distinguish our city. Marco is a son of art. His father Virgilio has always carried out the activity of gilding and decoration on wood in his workshop located in the historic center of Florence. At the age 14, Valerio began studying goldsmith art in Florence at the State Art Institute of Porta Romana and in 1985 he became a Master of Art. We met in 1987 and after two years we decided to open our own jewelery workshop and since then we have always tried with enthusiasm to combine the skill of the Florentine goldsmith tradition with the experimentation of new techniques and the search for new contemporary styles. The passion for the enamelling technique on jewels has led us to develop a cathedral enamelling system made with unbreakable and scratch-resistant materials. The effect is similar to that of the stained-glass windows we observed in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and in the basilicas of Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Santo Spirito and Orsanmichele. To make our jewels we use gold, silver and bronze, which is the metal of the most important statues found in Florence including the Perseus which is the masterpiece of Benvenuto Cellini, a great 16th century goldsmith and artist. In 2007 we were honored and very happy that the Museo degli Argenti of Palazzo Pitti (Florence) acquired one of our REDÓ ring / pendant to allocate it to the permanent collection dedicated to Contemporary Jewelery. From 2020 after a long study, we have decided to propose "jewels for writing", that is ballpoint pens created with goldsmith techniques and with materials that we have been using for many years for the realization of our jewelry, such as polychrome enamels. It is no coincidence that a goldsmith workshop like ours has decided to build "writing instruments". Few people know that the first Italian fountain pen was built in the early 1900s in Florence by a goldsmith; and therefore we decided to start this new and exciting adventure. We have also added jewel bags, fashion accessories and contemporary design lamps to our production.